Mixed Use Development, Sydney
Jun 2012 $12,500

This project is a multi storey residential building with a ground floor retail area and a multi-level car park below. The residential part of the building is covered by BASIX, while the retail floor and basement car parks are covered by Section J of the BCA.

Airport Terminal, Mascot
July 2014 $180,000

This project is as new terminal building at Sydney Airport with a ground level bus underpass for transporting passengers between terminals and a terminal building above. The standard Deemed to Satisfy (DTS) approach required an insulation rating to the floor which required the provision of an insulating material to the underside of the floor.

Boarding House, Western Sydney
July 2013 $13,000

This project is a 3 storey boarding house with a basement level car park. The standard Deemed to Satisfy (DTS) approach required three different glazing types on each of the East, West and South facades to achieve compliance with the minimum requirements of the Building Code.