What is a Section J?

Section J is a part of the National Construction Code (NCC) of Australia dealing with Energy Efficiency. The Section J assessment will identify where a building design does not meet the requirements and make recommendations on how to achieve compliance. A Section J assessment is  mandatory and describes the level of performance which must be met by the building materials, components, design factors and construction methods in order for a building to meet the minimum energy efficiency standards.

BCA Energy recommends the assessment of all retail and commercial buildings prior to application for a Development Approval (DA), this allows the requirements of the NCC to be included in the building fabric and glazing design before the DA submission. This way, BCA Energy can help our clients and their projects in reaching their full potential, ensuring maximum savings and minimum energy use and avoid disruption and redesign post DA.

A NCC Section J Report from BCA Energy prior to the application for a DA can expedite the approvals process and save any unnecessary time delay at the CC stage.

What is JV3?

JV3 is an alternative solution to the traditional ‘Deemed-to-Satisfy’ (DTS) approach to NCC Section J compliance. The advantage of this approach is flexibility, quantified performance and construction cost savings.

BCA Energy can help you understand the JV3 protocol and use it correctly to provide a more cost effective solution for the built environment. This is a holistic approach to design compliance and has the benefit of compensating one element of the building fabric for another. Generally these reports can rationalise the glazing and insulation requirements for a building to provide a better energy outcome and save construction and operational costs.

What is NABERS?

NABERS is a national rating system which measures the environmental performance of Australian buildings and tenancies. The tool measures the energy efficiency, water usage, waste management and indoor environment quality of a building or tenancy and the impact on the environment. Buildings/ facilities which are covered in this rating tool are offices (tenancy, base building or whole building), shopping centres, hotels and data centres.

NABERS Energy Ratings are also required for compliance with the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) scheme.

Our service is a cost effective way of having the properties assessed and maintaining your accreditation into the future.  We offer a full suite of NABERS Ratings across all property types including; NABERS Office, NABERS Retail, NABERS Hotel and the CBD Tenancy Lighting Assessments.  These assessments are the core elements of the Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) which are required under the BEED Act by Building Owners when undertaking certain transactions.

The NABERS Commitment Agreement is a NABERS rating for new building & refurbishments. The NABERS Energy Commitment Agreement allows developers and building owners to promote and market excellent greenhouse performance of new and refurbished commercial office buildings from the outset. The Commitment Agreement outlines your commitment to design, build and commission the building to a 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5 or 6 star level.

We have experienced NABERS Accredited Assessors who are also CBD Accredited Assessors on staff and have been conducting these assessments for several reputable clients.


What is NatHERS?

NatHERS is short for the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme. It uses a 10 star rating system to determine the thermal performance of residential dwellings based on its design.

BCA Energy can provide energy modelling of dwellings and units which provides the R-values & window specifications to be installed to ensure compliance with the appropriate NatHERS rating.

What is BASIX?

The BASIX® tool is used to calculate the dwellings and unit’s energy and water scores based on a range of data, including size, location, design features and fixtures.

We have expertise and experience in building science, thermal design, and building sustainability and the, BCA Energy team have completed over 3.000 BASIX certificates.


From 1st July 2017, office buildings over 1000m2 in NLA which are offered for sale or lease will require a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC). BEEC’s are issued by the Department of Environment and Energy before the building is advertised to the market.

The BEEC  covers:

–          A NABERS Energy star rating for the building

–          A Tenancy Lighting Assessment (TLA) for the relevant assessed areas of the building

BCA Energy are able to conduct accredited NABERS and TLA assessments for office buildings over 1000m2 in net lettable area (NLA), as part of the Commercial Building Discloser (CBD) Program.

Energy Audits / Assessments

We can conduct energy audits/assessments for various types of buildings as per AS3598 (Level 1, 2 and 3). By conducting the audits/assessments we are able to achieve a greater understanding of the building’s existing energy infrastructure (HVAC, BMS, lighting, building fabric etc.) and site energy usage. We can then recommend various commissioning/implementation projects as well as providing project management services during the commissioning/implementation of projects (i.e. prepare checklists, dealing with installers, suppliers etc.).

Through these audits/assessments we can assist in the reduction of energy consumption which could potentially improve the NABERS Energy rating and save operational costs.

Additional Services

The additional services that BCA Energy offers it’s clients include:

    • Green Star GHG Modelling
    • PMV Thermal Comfort Analysis
    • Daylight Modelling
    • Solar PV Feasibility Analysis